National Museum: The place of Friday’s programme

National Museum

For Friday’s programme, we have chosen the National Museum as the place for our meeting. It is the most important Czech historical institution with a prominent position in the centre of Prague. The goal of the National Museum is to study and understand foreign cultures. And find out how they could connect and cooperate with each other. We believe that these values are essential for the EPS community, therefore we have chosen the National museum for the place of our Friday’s programme.

Address: Václavské náměstí 68, 110 00 Prague 1 (see on Googlemaps).

During Friday morning we will talk about the history of the 20th century in central Europe. We would like to give you some incentives to understand its development until its entrance into the European Union. How was the way to it? And what does mean for a post-socialistic state to be in the European Union?

That and much more you can explore during Friday’s programme in the National museum with EPS. You can also modify the programme according to your will because you can choose the exhibitions you want to see.

Besides the main discussion with the deputy director of the National Museum and with your EPS friends, we offer you to join the commented exhibitions: 

After the morning programme, you can stay in the buildings of the National Museum and take advantage of the full-day ticket. Do not worry – there are a lot of interesting expositions and architectural masterpieces to be explored. Not mentioning the beautiful panorama from the dome.

The registration form you can find in your emails or write to us at