Alumni Network

The alumni network of the EPS programme encompasses 114 alumni coming from six continents. As EPS graduates work and live worldwide, it is challenging to find a way to reunite again. Two great events were organized as gatherings of all alumni and students, though. The graduation ceremony of the first cohort in October 2019 was an opportunity to organize a pleasant meeting with all students, alumni, partners, and friends of the programme. The second gathering happened on the occasion of the celebration of 5 years of the programme´s existence. It is always a pleasure to meet EPS graduates in the vivid, dynamic, and warm atmosphere of the EPS community. 

EPS graduates might share job offers and other opportunities in the LinkedIn group.

Profiles of alumni

EPS alumni have been developing their careers on six continents and in various sectors and fields. Our graduates continue with the study path or work in both the public and private sectors on many levels and in many positions. 

Just after graduation, a significant number of alumni continue developing their professional and personal skills in traineeships with EU bodies (European Commission, European Parliament, European Committee of the Regions, Europol, EU delegations); in the Council of Europe; in NATO institutions (regional offices or even headquarters in Brussels); embassies or national parliaments and ministries. In the latter cases, many EPS graduates receive a permanent position in national ministries, i.e., Czech and German Ministry of Environment, Georgian Ministry of Internally Displaced Persons from the Occupied Territories and Refugees, Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dutch Ministry, of Education, Culture, and Science, etc.  

Many EPS former students work as policy, data, or research analysts in business (e.g.,  Apple, AXA, London Stock Exchange Group, YouGov), NGOs (e.g., European Values Center for Security Policy, Generation Climate Europe), or research institutions (e.g., EUROPEUM, Nazarbayev University, Leiden University, RMIT Europe). 

Graduates find oftentimes employment in the finance, communication, food industry, and bank sector as project managers, programme officers, or specialists. 

EPS alumni also continue with their further studies. Our graduates do/did their Ph.D. at, e.g., Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain), Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (Germany), Tbilisi State University (Georgia), University of Deusto (Bilbao, Spain), University of Salzburg (Austria), or York University (Toronto, Canada). 

We care about our Alumni

Alumni engagement

Graduating from the EPS does not mean severing ties with the programme. As many alumni stay in countries of partner universities, they are invited to social, cultural, and educational events taking place at EPS universities via newsletters. Furthermore, the Consortium reunites the entire EPS community in a great gathering once a few years such as the 5-year anniversary of the programme. 

Besides, sessions with alumni are an integral part of the study programme. The Brussels Field Trip includes events with EPS alumni based in the EU capital and in the surroundings. The Barcelona Research Seminar offers a session with the Best Thesis Award winner who shares her/his tips and experience with MA thesis writing with students. Last but not least, alumni share the EPS experience with applicants in virtual open days organized during the application period. 

Do you want to ask EPS graduates a question? Alex Kurki, EPS Ambassador graduated in 2019,  is willing to share with applicants and future students his experience and thoughts on the EPS programme. If you wish to contact him, please write to You might also contact the EPS student council (, a student body with contacts to graduates. 

Erasmus Mundus Students and Alumni Association (EMA)

The EPS Alumni Network is a member of the Erasmus Mundus Students and Alumni Association (EMA), the umbrella Alumni platform of the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master and Doctoral programmes. All our students and alumni are encouraged to participate actively in the EMA. Do you want to know more? Contact us at or EMA representatives directly. 

The EPS student representative participated in the General Assembly of EMA in February 2019, 23-25 in Vienna (Austria). 

What our alumni say

Last updated 18. 2. 2023.