Associated partners

Associated partners

The EPS Programme has a large network of Associated Partners that constitute a valuable platform both in the academic as well as professional sense (in total there are 25 APs). Among them, seven institutions play a special role: Europaeum (Oxford, United Kingdom), TEPSA (Brussels, Belgium), International Cultural Centre (Krakow, Poland), together with Václav Havel related organizations (Václav Havel Library and Fórum 2000) and the Institute of International Relations Prague.


Europaeum was founded in 1992 at Oxford as an association of European universities with a mission to: promote excellence in academic research and teaching collaboration between Europaeum Partners; act as an open academic network linking Europaeum Partners and other bodies in the joint pursuit of study; serve as a resource for the general support and promotion of European studies. All EPS Consortium members are also members of this prestigious association. As an Associate Partner, Europaeum offers EPS students the possibility to participate in the Oxford Spring School, an outstanding academic event where students will be exposed to high-level methods of academic debate and will also attend lectures by top experts. (link).

Trans European Policy Studies Association

Trans European Policy Studies Association (TEPSA) is located in Brussels. TEPSA is a research network consisting of leading research institutes in the field of European affairs throughout Europe. TEPSA’s aim is to provide high-quality research on European integration. TEPSA and EPS Consortium members have engaged in a two-fold approach providing expertise on EU policies and politics combined with a vast experience in organizing and conducting EU wide research, training and networks.

Leadership Associates

Leadership Associates support individual leaders, teams and organizations in developing their leadership and collaboration capacity. Our services include coaching, workshops, leadership programs and more. We work with an array of carefully curated methods and we tailor and customize our approaches to meet the needs of our clients. Thanks to more than 20 years of international experience in both for-profit and non-profit fields, many of our clients seek us for our expertise in gender sensitive leadership and for our capacity to drive a sustainable deep change.

International Cultural Centre

International Cultural Centre (ICC) in Krakow has the status of a national institution of culture active in the fields of research, education, publishing and exhibitions. It pursues its mission of public diplomacy by facilitating international cultural dialogue, taking Central Europe as the point of departure for its action and thought on heritage. Additionally, the ICC hosts a rich and varied line up of panel discussions and conferences on international themes that are important to the social, cultural and political landscape of Europe from a CEE perspective.

Institute of International Relations Prague

The Institute of International Relations Prague (IIR) is an independent public research institution which conducts excellent academic research in the larger field of international relations, which includes European studies, security studies, area studies and other related disciplines. IIR has been the leading academic institution for the study of international relations in the Czech Republic since 1957 and it is also an active member of several international research networks.

Please find the list of all associated partners here.

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