EPS anniversary: 5 years with EPS

EPS anniversary: 5 years with EPS

Did you know that the EPS programme is five years old? Come to celebrate with us! All students, alumni, academics, and partners from all around the world are more than welcome.

When? October 6–7, 2022.

Where? In Prague, Czech Republic.

What can you look forward to? The EPS anniversary is an ideal opportunity to meet the entire EPS community in one place. You will meet your colleagues and friends from the time of your study, alumni, your teachers from all partner universities, professional and academic partners from all around the world, and official state representatives.

The programme is divided into two days – “formal Thursday” and “cheerful Friday”.

October 6: Formal Thursday

Where? Emmaus Monastery, Prague 2

14:00–15:30 Welcome: Opening ceremony
15:30–16:00 Coffee break
16:00–18:00 Panel discussion:
European Politics and Society in the Past Five Years
18:00–18:30 EPS family photos
18:30–20:00 Glass of wine
20:00 Student/alumni party organized by the EPS Student Council (TBC)

October 7: Cheerful Friday

Where? National Museum, Prague 1

09:00–11:30 Commentary visit(s) to exhibitions:*
(1) History of the 20th century
(2) We will never give up!
12:00–13:00 Talk and discussion: The Role of the National Museum in Czech/Central European Society
13:00–14:00 Lunch
14:30–20:00 Student/alumni programme organized by the EPS Student Council (TBC)
*You might join us for only one or both commentary visits(s) of the exposition or visit the National Museum for yourself (see the details in the registration form in your email boxex).

How can I register for the event? All EPS students and alumni have received the registration form in the email box. If you did not receive the registration email, do not hesitate to contact us at eps@fsv.cuni.cz!

Do I have to participate in all parts of the event? Of course, not. You might come only for one day or any parts of the programme you are interested in. We will only ask you to tick parts of the programme you are going to come to in the register form. 

Do you want to help us? A pair of hands is always welcome. If you want to help us with logistics, shoot a video testimonial of your EPS experience even if you have just started studying the programme, send us a message via email (eps@fsv.cuni.cz), Facebook, or Instagram

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