Extracurricular activities

Extracurricural Activities

Barcelona Research Seminar

At the beginning of the second semester, all students participate in a three-day Barcelona Research Seminar. This event has multiple objectives. First, second-year students meet first-year students. This encounter encourages them to share their experience. Second, first-year students present their MA thesis projects and get feedback from all students and academic experts.

Brussels Field Trip

In the third semester, students travel to Brussels, for the Brussels Field Trip to meet experts from EU institutions, think tanks and other relevant organizations located in Brussels who discuss their JMD topics with them. This offers students the chance to get in contact with stakeholders in the core of EU decision making and to better understand the day-to-day operations of the “EU capital”.

Oxford Spring School

In April, selected second-year students participate in the Oxford Spring School. Thanks to the partnership with Europaeum, the students are invited to take part in this unique student event and academic experience. They will visit Oxford in the fourth semester and will have the possibility to participate fully in academic events organized by Europaeum, one of the main EPS Associate Partners.

Last updated 16. 2. 2020.

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