Oxford Spring School 2023: Shifting Paradigms in Europe?

  • 19. 4. 2023

Thanks to the partnership with Europaeum, the students are invited to take part in this unique student event and academic experience. This Spring School will bring together master’s and doctoral researchers in Humanities and Social Sciences subjects to explore themes related to transformational shifts in Europe from a diachronic and multidisciplinary perspective. 

The topic of the Oxford Spring School: Shifting Paradigms in Europe?

Is the twenty-first century one of the major paradigm shifts within Europe and in Europe’s relationship with the wider world? The Russian invasion of Ukraine and the subsequent energy crisis have been characterized as a significant paradigm shift on the scale of 9/11 by some politicians. With the digital transformation, climate crisis, and green transition, fundamental aspects of everyday life are being called into question and/or transformed, while new political and social movements like populism and Black Lives Matter call into question the way society is organized. Recent EU policies on Digital Services, the Conference on the Future of Europe, and the Year of Youth have all been hailed as transformational changes. Claiming there are fundamental changes in the way we live and organize society is of course nothing new. Historically we can trace this back to antiquity.

If interested, don’t forget to apply! During the event, students will join lively working groups, discussion to kick-start Q&A sessions following on from presentations, and most importantly will present a paper. As for their 15-minute paper; it should be based on their research should take into account the specific topics that are welcomed:

  • war and its consequences
  • regime change / revolutions
  • colonization and decolonization
  • EU integration and expansion
  • economic, scientific, or religious transformation
  • theoretical or methodological shifts within or across disciplines
  • significant changes in historical, institutional, or cultural memory
  • shifts in public consciousness, such as populism or environmentalism

The call for applications is open only for 2nd-year students applying for the research presentation. Based on the quality and/or relevance of the application to the call, 2nd-year students might be accepted as a presenter or a discussant. In case there are not enough successful applications from 2nd-year students, a second call for 1st-year students to participate as discussants will be launched.

Deadline for submission of applications and abstracts: 21 January 2023! For more info about the application see the link. All submissions should be sent to office@europaeum.org. Don’t forget to follow your email and the Europeaum website.




  • Start Date:19. 4. 2023
  • End Date:21. 4. 2023