Newsletter June 2024

#1: Europe Twenty Years after the 2004 Enlargement of the EU: Vices, Virtues, and Future Challenges

University Association for Contemporary European Studies (UACES) invites you to the 3rd Annual Nomos Conference focused on questioning the impact and importance of the EU´s expansion policy for CEE and SEE and principles supporting European integration and values. The conference will provide space to discuss vices and virtues of the present form of the EU and work towards a better future. The conference hosted by the Institute of European Studies at Jagiellonian University will occur on June 7-8, 2024, at Kraków. 
#2: CSi Conference 2024: Intelligence & National Security in Changing World
The Cambridge Security Initiative (CSi) is organizing an annual conference that will be held at Cripps Court at Magdalene College, Cambridge, from July 25- 26, 2024. The conference addresses the most pressing security challenges facing governments, private industries, and citizens in the globalized world. The conference participants can look forward to hearing about the incredible power challenges to global order represented by China and Russia. Global instability, terrorism, regional conflicts, and technological innovations will also be themes for discussion. The conference attendees will have the opportunity to gain direct insight into the problems of Intelligence and National Security from former senior officials, intelligence and security practitioners, and academic experts. 
#1: Time for Art – Rembrandt’s Four Senses
Take advantage of the opportunity to explore the early works of Rembrandt van Rijn. Museum de Lakenhal in Leiden presents Rembrandt´s Four Senses – a series of first paintings from when he was around 18 and lived in Leiden. The series has been reunited in the city of its creation and will be on display until June 16, 2024.
#2: Montserrat Abbey
If you study in Barcelona and are fed up with the city chaos, make a one-day trip to Montserrat Abbey, located in a mountain national park northwest of Barcelona. Ascend the Saint Jeroni peak, enjoy beautiful views and nature, and explore the Benedictine monastery. Visit Basilica with its black Madona and listen to the traditional boy´s choir.
#1: 2024 BCSA Writing Competition
British Czech & Slovak Association is announcing a writing competition. The suggested theme of the competition is Discovering a New Country. The theme is not compulsory, but all entries must deal with either the links between Britain and the Czech / Slovak Republic at any time in their history or society in those Republics since 1989. Original writing in English is required, which will be a maximum of 2000 words. Both fiction and fact are welcome. Submissions shall be delivered to The closing date for accepting papers is June 30, 2024. The first price is £400.
#2: Prague Visual History and Digital Humanities (PRA VIDCO) 2025
Malach Center is hosting a conference on the technological aspects of digital humanities and social sciences perspectives of contemporary interdisciplinary research. The conference will occur from January 23-24, 2025. Holocaust, Jewish history, oral and visual history, minority and gender studies, and historical sociology are some themes that will be discussed at the conference. The complete list of the possible submission themes and further details regarding the conference can be found here. The paper submission deadline is June 30, 2024.
#3: EPS programme – student photos
EPS students are welcome to send photo material related to the programme. Do not hesitate, and feel free to send photos related to both academic and student life. Photos of life at universities, of student housing, of life abroad, of countries and cities that students have visited are very much desired. The material from the students will be presented on EPS website and social networks. Photos can be sent either to or share the photos here
#1: MA thesis submission deadline
The deadline for submitting the MA thesis is June 14, 2024. See the details about MA thesis writing and submission on the EPS website.
#1: Alumni Reunion
The traditional Alumni Reunion of the Institute of International Studies, Charles University occured on May 28, 2024,  in the Grébovka Pavilion in Havlíčkovy Sady. This year’s reunion was special because IMS celebrates 30 years since its foundation. Both students and teachers enjoyed, despite the cloudy weather, great time and opportunity for reuniting and chatting with former classmates and teachers. 
#2: Joint online research seminar
The joint online research seminar was organized for the 1st-year students on May 29, 2024! We enjoyed fruitful discussions over MA thesis proposals and look forward to seeing our students’ progress soon.
READING TIP: Night, 1958 (author: Elie Wiesel)
The author´s first book is a memoir of the holocaust experience. This novel is a terrifying record of Elie Wiesel´s memories of the death of his family, the death of his innocence, and his despair as a deeply observant Jew confronting the absolute evil of man. FREQUENT QUESTION / DO NOT FORGETWhen do I receive Erasmus+ funding in my bank account?  Once all the documents are ready, the Rectorate of Charles University will invite you to sign the Erasmus+ agreement (usually during summer). The signature must be done in person, either by you or a person you appoint with a power of attorney.  
Do you have any hints, ideas, or tips for interesting events, calls, books, films, podcasts, etc.? Do not hesitate to reach us at Your feedback and contribution are highly appreciated.