Excellence and Leadership Award: Results

The selection committee considered fourteen excellent applicants from among the self-paying first-year students 2021-2022. All of whom were impressive in their achievements in and outside the programme. The selection committee evaluated candidates in three categories: academic achievement, contribution to the programme, and contribution to society.

The winners of the 2022 EPS Excellence and Leadership Award are:

Nicole Molinari

Nicole obtained excellent grades and her master’s thesis project was highly appreciated at the Barcelona research seminar. She has participated in many extracurricular events inside and outside the EPS community (Forum 2000, Youth International Summit MUN 8.0) Nicole has also joined the European waves team. All this made us decide to award her a 25 % reduction in the fees for next year.

Kyra Prins

Kyra has been very active in the EPS community, she has organized cultural and social events for the entire cohort, including a visit to Bratislava and Zakopane, and her initiatives were very welcome by the EPS students. The committee has also appreciated her involvement in environmental activities, including her dedicated work for a more sustainable society. On top of that, Kyra´s academic achievements correspond to a high standard in EPS. All this made us decide to award her a 25 % reduction in the fees for next year.

Congratulations to the winners and thank all applicants for their participation!