Webinary of RFE/RL “Russian Disinformation and the War in Ukraine”

  • 16. 2. 2023 - 15:30

Go online and join the webinar organized by Radio Free Europe on “Russian Disinformation and the War in Ukraine“. The event takes place online on February 16 at 15.30.

What does Russian disinformation look like to the journalists covering the war from inside Ukraine, and to the Ukrainian officials charged with countering it? What challenges face those who are trying to tell the truth about the war? What can journalists and policymakers do to build resilience among audiences in the region to false narratives and disinformation – and are these efforts working?

Every student studying at one of the EPS universities is welcomed! If you are interested in more information about the event find them here and do not forget to click here to registrate!





  • Start Date:16. 2. 2023
  • Start Time:15:30
  • End Date:16. 2. 2023