Key steps for energy transformation in Central Europe

  • 28. 11. 2023 - 12:45
  • Hotel Amarilis, Štěpánská 18, Praha 1

International multidisciplinary discussion seminar

You are invited to join the discussion seminar organized by the Czech-Austrian Energy Expert Group (CZ-AT EEG). Various issues related to the transformation of the energy market will be presented.

Issues to be discussed

The entire energy sector is currently undergoing a profound transformation, with new forms of energy market organisation being sought, massive development of renewable energy sources, the development of energy communities, and the search for new energy storage technologies.
Along with the search for effective ways to achieve the long-term decarbonisation goal by 2050, the issues of diversification of energy sources and ensuring energy security are now increasingly coming to the fore. The transformation of the energy sector is also bringing new solutions such as the development of agrivoltaic applications, citizen participation in the development of the energy sector in the form of energy communities.

Experts from diverse backgrounds and entities will discuss what opportunities and challenges bring the energy policy changes and energy transformation for Central European countries and what are the pathways to overcome these challenges (in the specific context of the Czech Republic and Austria).

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  • Start Date:28. 11. 2023
  • Start Time:12:45
  • End Date:28. 11. 2023
  • End Time:18:30
  • Location:Hotel Amarilis, Štěpánská 18, Praha 1