Forum 2000 Conference: EPS students essays

Student writing

Participating in the cooperation between the EPS programme and Forum 2000, EPS associated partner, students wrote essays dedicated to the 25th Forum 2000 Conference titled What Now? Building Back Democratically which took place in Prague on October 10-16, 2021.

The conference dealt with the following vital topics: Since democracy has come under external and internal pressure globally, are we witnessing democratic backsliding? On the one hand, external pressure is embodied in authoritarian regimes such as China, Russia, or North Korea. On the other hand, the rise of populist and extremist political forces or declining trust in the institutions represent internal challenges to democracies. How can the global democratic community reverse this democratic backsliding in the post-COVID era?

EPS students have offered their proposals and recommendations for democratic leaders in their essays. Five papers out of 46 submitted were cited by the Forum 2000 Evaluation Committee and selected for publication on their website. It is our great pleasure to congratulate the authors of these five essays:

Greta Scott, with the essay Democracy from the Bottom Up

Marte van der Graaf, with the essay What now? Building Back Democratically After  COVID-19. A Response to the Forum 2000 Conference

Miras Tolepbergen, with the essay Autocratic techno-challenge and civil liberties in the cyberspace

Tamar Tkemaladze, with the essay What Now? Building Back Democratically

Vivien Keenleyside, with the essay Women Rights and Democratic Backsliding

Please find the complete results on the website of Forum 2000.