EPS academics at UACES Conference!

Our Maxine David (Leiden University), Eliška Tomalová (Charles University), Eliška Ullrichová (Charles University) and Tomáš Weiss (Charles University) met at the conference of the University Association for Contemporary European Studies (UACES) at Queen´s University Belfast in early September.

Maxine David participated as a speaker in panels dealing with EU-Russia Relations and Interdisciplinary in Practice, in plenary debate about European security structure. At the same time, Maxine chaired just as presented a paper in the session about China-Russia-West relations. Eliška Tomalová presented a paper about image policy and the trio EU presidency. Eliška Ullrichová talked about environmental and climate policy integration in EU policies. Last but not least, Tomáš Weiss chaired the panels Interdisciplinarity in Practice and Current Developments in EU Defense and Security Policy and, at the same time, he presented a paper about specialisation in small states´ foreign policy.