Apply for 2021-2023!

Admission window for the study period 2021-2023 has been just opened. Do not hesitate to apply via the application of the Charles university!

The application deadline for scholarship applicants is on February 28, 2021, and for self-paying students on April 30, 2021. Please note that all applications received by February 28 will be classified as applications for scholarships. More information related to scholarship and self-funding participation in the programme can be found in separated sections of the EPS website.

Do you want to apply and you are not sure what documents you need? Check How to apply? section of the EPS web or go directly to the application module. If you are interested in the process of admission procedure, consult the admission criteria also available on the How to apply? section.

In case you have not found an answer to your question on the EPS website, address to