Results: Excellence and Leadership Award

The committee deciding on the Excellence and Leadership Award has received many very worthy applications from students who were outstanding in many ways. The ultimate decision was difficult to come to, and it was decided to give the award not to one but to two students.

The winners of the 2023 EPS Excellence and Leadership Award are:

Alvaro Fernandez Cruz stood out in many ways. His grades were excellent, he has shown a commitment to expanding his knowledge and experience, among others by participating in various extra-curricular activities such as the Europaeum Winter School a Summer School. Most outstanding was his contribution to our EPS community. This started right from the beginning through his involvement in setting up a tandem duo for language learning and the buddy programme. He also became an active member of European Waves and a student representative on the Student Council. Although this is always an important function, the last year this has provided far more challenges and more active involvement by him beyond the call of duty. Although many other people have contributed to making the last year a good one for the whole EPS community, Alvaro clearly stood out to us.

Irina Percemli for her outstanding grades and, more importantly, engagement in various voluntary activities connected to the EPS program (such as taking part in the leadership module, preliminary MA Seminar as well as participation in various events organised by the university) through which she showed her commitment to EPS community. These also include participation in the European Waves project and volunteering for the Forum 2000. Also, outside of the EPS scheme, on local and international level, Irina demonstrated her engagement and played a role of an informal EPS ambassador by contributing to the work of several Moldovan NGOs and taking part in Mindful Mundus Ambassador program”.

In lieu of the above the committee decided to divide the award, with 60 % going to Alvaro and 40 % to Irina.

Congratulations to the winners and thank all applicants for their participation!