EPS activities: 2021/2022

The EPS programme offers three EPS activities that are an integral part of the curriculum. We are more than delighted to announce that all extra-curricular events will take place physically, and students will thus have a unique opportunity to live them through and visit amazing places from professional, academic, and tourist perspectives.

Brussels Field Trip (November 25-26, 2021)

The 2021 edition of Brusself Field Trip (BFT) focuses on topics related to the EU Council Presidency, the role of regions and paradiplomacy, cultural agenda in Brussels and digitalization. Please note that the BFT is organized for the 2nd year students. The final schedule of the event will be sent to EPS students via emails and put on the EPS website at the end of October 2021.

Barcelona Research Seminar (January 17-18, 2022)

All first-year and second-year students will present their research at the Pompeu Fabra University and receive feedback from their peers and academics gathering from all partner universities. Detailed instructions on presentations and reviewing will follow via email and on the EPS website.

Oxford Spring School (April 19-21, 2022)

The selected number of EPS students will have an opportunity to present their MA research in Oxford Spring School organized by the EUROPAEUM, the EPS associated partner. Please note that students have to apply through the call for papers announced on the EUROPAEUM website on January/February 2022.

Last updated 28. 01. 2022.